Recommendations for Record Linkage with LinkSolv and SQL Server

SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, Windows Explorer, Office (c) Microsoft Corporation

  1. Lock pages in memory – Enabled for SQL Server service
  2. Perform volume maintenance tasks – Enabled for SQL Server service
  3. Server authentication – Windows Authentication mode. LinkSolv also supports SQL Server Authentication, in which case UID and PWD parameters are saved in a LinkSolv table.
  4. Follow guidelines for Maximum server memory in This limit allows a memory cushion to do other things, like checking something in Windows Explorer or SQL Server Management Studio.
  5. Recovery Model – Simple. LinkSolv has not been tested with other recovery models. After the database has been backed up, shrink the log file.
  6. Create a separate database for each LinkSolv project. Database object names are not guaranteed unique outside a project.
  7. LinkSolv creates tables, views, stored procedures, and scalar functions as part of each project. LinkSolv does not create or delete databases. Scalar functions are the same for every project and could by managed by Administrator.
  8. Use ODBC Data Source Administrator in SySWoW, unless you have 64-bit Office, to create a System DSN named LINKSOLV for SQL Server on each client.
  9. Use size of project folders on client for old projects to estimate database sizes and scale Memory and Maximum server memory accordingly.

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